“Bleeding Hearts Club” – The Complete Album Breakdown + Exclusive Commentary

BHC Album Cover

On September 28th, 2018, one of the ‘Mitten State’s’ greatest collectives in the form of music, art, production and more dropped their self-titled first album, “Bleeding Hearts Club”.  Produced by  “Srchengn”, “Nova Blu”, “Xay the Feminist”, and “Paris From Tokyo”, the album is a 10-track collection of raw emotion, artistry, and contributions from the entire group. Members involved in the project include Rob Apollo, Kaio “Thirteen13”, Hajile de Rellim, Brian Beavers, Lil Emo Boy, Xoey 101, Honey Locust, DazedWinter, and the makers of the cover art, Serene Harvest and Jonathan Downing. Altnubian was another contributor to the project.

Cover Art (main blog background photo) created by Jonathan Downing and Serene Harvest

As you can tell from the cover art, there was a lot of emotion and thought put into the way the album was presented. When the whole band comes together on a project of this magnitude, artists will almost always look for the appropriate way to visually display that. Hence the cover art. Take it as you may, but we loved the background.

Kaio Thirteen13 commented on the art and the influence of the album saying, “Originally we wanted to reference Nirvana’s bleach cover and that ultimately influenced the titled placement”. (Nirvana’s album cover pictured below)

Bleach cover


Track #1: “Boyfriend” (produced by srchengn)

BHC 'boyfriend'

Pictured above: (starting from the bottom left and going clockwise) Hajille de Rellim, Rob Apollo, Xoey 101, Lil Emo Boy, and finally Kaio Thirteen13

One of our personal favorite tracks from the project. In the words of Thirteen13, “It (“Boyfriend”) started as a demo for “monster world” that I opened up during the third week of recording. Hajile re-did the hook, Rob added a spare verse he already had written, and Matteus contributed the spoken word-bridge. I wanted it to feel like the end of summer. Lyrically I tried to illustrate the feelings of forgiveness and freedom from multiple perspectives. I think it’s personally one of the best songs I’ve ever orchestrated”.

While other members had these things to say about the intro track:

Hajile de Rellim – I remember when I Thirteen13 called me in to record the hook, I was like, “Okay cool. Another day, another sing-song.” And he played it for me, like how he had it with the melody and everything, and then he told me, “Do it like that but like really diva-ish.” And not knowing what that meant, I kinda just went in the booth and sang how I usually do, which is probably for the best if you refer to “Molly”. But I love the song and was happy to be a part of it and contribute in the way I did”.

Rob Apollo – This song grew on me. I ‘deadass’ didn’t like it that much at first, not my taste. Thirteen13 asked if anyone had a verse they could lay, and I pulled up some shit from a few months ago that I never used. He liked it a lot so we ran with it. Now, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. The video perfectly encapsulates the joyful periods of summertime BHC”.

Brian Beavers – I remember hearing this beat in a folder Srchengn sent BHC a while ago and not liking it at all. But Thirteen & Rob really bring a somber nature to the song, and Hajile’s singing just melds everything together so well. It all comes together to paint the picture of a full dive into summer, the goods & bads”.


Track #2: “Brothers” (produced by srchengn)

BHC 'brothers'

Rob Apollo follows up “Boyfriend” with a change of tone in the form of something a little more upbeat and more trap-like than the intro track. From our first impression, the song was something written about the brotherhood of Bleeding Hearts Club and the all-for-one and one-for-all mentality.

The lead on the track, Rob commented on his track saying, “I particularly like Brothers because I orchestrated the track, and from a stylistic perspective, it was the first time I sang a hook through autotune. I feel like the song energy accurately encapsulates the feelings of family that BHC shares”. Which suggests that brotherhood mentality that makes the group so unique in a time when most artists are all about independence and putting themselves as the only priority.

After the second hook by Rob, Thirteen13 comes in with a hard verse that takes the song another level higher. At this point, I had to turn the speakers up another notch. Thirteen13 actually touches on the way he and Rob’s styles contrast on the song to make something more unique and “carefree”.

Thirteen13 – “Rob had been planning this song for a while. Originally both of our verses were very different — more conceptual and on the subjective of brotherhood within BHC. Rob listened to that version and ultimately felt like it needed to be more authentic in feeling. And that rather than adhering to traditional conventions of lyricism, we should have it reflect the atmosphere of being carefree. I punched in my entire verse. It took about an hour I immediately mixed it after… Beautiful boys coming soon!”.

Hajile also comments on the way Rob and Thirteen13 bounce back and forth on the track.

Hajile – I remember when Rob did the hook like before the song was even really close to finished. I was like oh this is hard. Then he had me, doctor his vocals a little and I was like, “Oh this is tight”. Once I heard the final version I was like, “Woah wtf. This is amazing”. I really like how it fits into the album… it flows very well. Also, it has possibly one of my top 5 favorite Thirteen13 verses”.

Finally Brian Beavers best sums up the track saying, “Rob really got better w/ singing this summer & I’m always happy to hear him singing hooks, his shit is very easy on the ears. Thirteen does this thing where he punches in a verse and it’s like if Lil Uzi’s possessed him for a good 30 seconds. Kinda unfair, but made for a good dynamic in the song”. If Lil Uzi is truly possessing Thirteen13 in this song than I say let it happen cause he killed his verse. Rob’s hooks and first verse glue the song altogether into one of our fan-favorite tracks off the project.


Track #3: “Caillou” (produced by srchengn)

BHC 'caillou'

The transition from “Brothers” into the 3rd track, “Caillou” is one that at first caught me by surprise. The first track was more song and acoustic sound, and the second track, like I previously mentioned, seemed to be more trap/rap. At this point, we start wondering what angle the album takes next. “Caillou” was a surprisingly smooth transition into the middle part of the album. The final and 3rd consecutive track produced by Srchengn helps set a stage for fellow producers, Nova Blu, Xay the Feminist, and Paris, from Tokyo to take over.

The BHC gang/cult/team members (call them what you want) talk about the biggest X-factor of this track, and what made it unique to the message of the project.

Thirteen13 – “This song is a true outlier in the sense that we tried the same process with an abundance of other songs that turned out terrible. I had that hook written for a while and when Kamau played the beat I just started belting it nonstop. It felt like it fit perfectly. From there we all wrote and recorded our verses. We all tried to approach the concept of aspiring for greatness and address that struggle from different perspectives. It has the only Hard R verse on the tape and it’s impeccable”.

Brian Beavers – Thirteen was legit singing the hook for this a month before this song existed. So I wanna thank him for that, because if he never did that then we wouldn’t have this ‘Hard R’ opening verse. “Rockstar bag, don’t want no fame” ??? Deep.”

Rob Apollo – “Y’all hear that Hard R verse? Speaks for itself. (it’s the first verse – Hard R is also Nova Blu, who produced a lot of the album)

Hajile – I f*cking love when Brian comes in with the reprise of the hook. I ain’t even know he could sing LMFAO”.

If you’re reading this and haven’t heard the song enough by now, then I know you’re dying to know what all the hype’s about. So check it out at the link below, before moving onto the next track.


Track #4: “High School” (produced by Nova Blu)BHC 'highschool'

The first of 6 total tracks produced by Nova Blu, takes the album and turns the emotion of it on end. This song is a story (most likely) from the perspective of the group members and especially Lil Emo Boy, on the rigors of trying to ‘fit in’ in high school. All the anguish, negativity, and bullying that one receives for trying to be themselves in high school is expressed within the lyrics. Most interestingly though, is the mixed opinions of the some of the members who weighed in.

Hajile – I liked this song. It’s just a real ass, relatable song and is also chill enough where I can play like at any time of the day”.

Rob – I like Brian’s verse a lot. 5’11 fucking dyin’? Insane.

Meanwhile, fellow member Brian Beavers takes a counterpoint on the song…

Brian – “I hate this song. But it’s very true to life for Lil Emo. The WIFEY intro was a last second edition, I’m a fan. But this the worst song on the album still”.

Finally, Co-Founder of BHC, Thirteen13 weighs in on the process of making the song, saying, “Originally this was gonna be on SUPERNOVA (Project executively produced by nova blu released in August)  but out of desperation I scrapped both of my verses and opened it up for the BHC tape. This was around the end of the first week of recording songs for the album and literally everything we had done was below the mark. Lil Emo redid his verse three times trying to find something as indicative of his high school experience as possible. Brian came in clutch with the perfect verse – he is so good at writing on-topic”.



Track #5: “Isolation (produced by Nova Blu)BHC 'isolation'.JPG

The 5th track on the album and 2nd track produced by Nova Blu features artists Brian Beavers, Rob Apollo, and Hajile de Rellim. The beat is much more synthetic and smoothed out then Blu’s previous track, and in the words of Thirteen13, it was essentially an automatic bid for the album. The song goes much deeper than just the beat though. As revealed by the two members, Rob and Brian had a significant experience between the two of them that must’ve really gotten messy. However, nothing brings a band together like a little honesty over a hot beat. Add Hajile’s voice on the chorus and boom! You got a real ass song to vibe to. Altogether, one of our favorite tracks from the entire project.

Thirteen13 – One of the first songs that we knew was gonna make the tape for sure. It references real experiences Rob had amidst one of our many summer interventions. Brian’s verse addresses something that transpired between Rob and Brian that had the potential to end their friendship, it almost feels like an apology. Hajile is such a structural force on this album too. The flow-switch towards the end of his verse adds such an interesting change in pace and confronts the subject matter in a way only he could”.

As you can see, the beef must’ve been real, but what stands out to me is the high praise for Hajile (who did an amazing job on the chorus) who seems to have an interesting story of his involvement on this track.

Hajile – I remember helping Rob get the hook together like on the technical side. Then I got a little sad and started writing and he clearly saw that and seemed almost unwilling to ask me to write a verse but the mood I was indefinitely worked in favor of the song. I like it a lot. I was in love with the hook the first time I heard it”.

Then we get both sides of the issue from Rob Apollo and Brian Beavers. SPOILER ALERT the friendship is still well in-tact.

Rob – I wrote the hook to Isolation while washing dishes at work. That song has particular meaning to me because both Brian’s verse and my verse are about a real shared experience between us. I feel that creating the song together helped mend a rift in our friendship”.

Brian – “Rob is really good at not lying & being there for people. Some shit happened the summer we made this album that made me really regret not appreciate him for always being consistent w/ both of those things, & my verse was an apology for not realizing that. This is just a really real song, Hajile’s verses too. The second one’s off, but he raps well enough to make that irrelevant”.

Track #6: “Molly” (produced by Xay the Feminist/a.k.a. Family Man Xay)

BHC 'molly'.JPG

The first of two tracks produced by Xay features a colorful, yet not so colorful cover art with an obvious message (based on the song name). This funky, upbeat track is unique in every way and a must-hear. Honestly though, screw my writing on this one and enjoy the dispute between members on the track. WARNING: you might laugh.

Thirteen13 – Literally everyone in BHC except for me and Xoey hates the hook. During the mastering process I worked on countless iterations of it before finally settling on the version that made the album. It was the most unconventional and least melodic, but I felt as if it served the narrative best. I made the executive decision to change the hook at the last minute, to which many members of BHC are still upset with me about. Conceptually, Xay and I wanted to illustrate a club in of which the protagonist is intoxicated. Xay wrote from the perspective of an ‘upper’ and I spoke from the perspective of a ‘downer'”.

Rob Apollo – F*ck this ni**a Thirteen13 man, that hook used to be so pretty. I love him though”.

Hajile – It’s funny cause Molly started growing on me and one day it popped up in one of my playlists and I know damn well I didn’t add it and so…it is what it is. ‘Imma’ just mix all group projects in the future.

Last but not least to comment was Brian Beavers saying, “We could talk about the hook (it’s kinda growing on me don’t tell Thirteen) or we could talk about how Xay is a really good vocalist & an even better producer, this beat’s crazy. Easily the most experimental song on the album, there’s a lot of ways to digest this song”.

Indeed there are plenty of ways to digest it, but shoutout to Xay and crew for another great track you won’t hear anywhere else.

Track #7: Tekken (produced by Nova Blu)BHC 'tekken'

A true banger from beginning to end. Off the bat, it reminds me of an A$AP Rocky/Playboi Carti track that makes you wanna just run around and f*ck shit up. Xay the Feminist and Kaio Thirteen13 team up to deliver a speaker-buster on the album’s 7th track. DO NOT DRIVE AND PLAY THIS OR YOU COULD CRASH.

Brian Beavers best sums up the feelings about the song saying, “This shit is fighting music (also my first BHC hook)!!!  And boy I would’ve fought Thirteen if I would’ve recorded a verse for this then he came with the verse he did after! Xay got a really solid verse on here, Nova Blu snapped w/ this beat too, it’s probably my favorite on the album. The 808’s are crazy. He made this beat while we were all at the studio playing Tekken, so there’s the inspiration for the title”.

Hajile de Rellim – Tekken is the hardest song on the album next to Gling. It’s impossible to hear this song and not just mosh and every performance on the song is top tier. All around an incredible song”.

The interesting part of the production of this song though is the way they go back and scrapped a lot of the original copy of the song, including Rob Apollo’s verse, which was switched out for Thirteen13’s…

Rob – I initially had a verse on Tekken instead of Thirteen13 but it wasn’t that good so we agreed to scrap it. Kaio took the slot and delivered a Thirteen13 verse reminiscent of his harder-hitting 2017 style, such as in 4 PHONES. Also, Xay sets up Thirteen13 perfectly, the song only works because of the duality”.

Thirteen13 – “This song undertook many iterations and was one of the most worked on. Originally I wasn’t even on the song, but after we re-did the concept, it I replaced Rob’s verse and Xay rewrote his. Subject matter wise we wanted to speak on how life repeats itself, and how that repetition ultimately leads to a simulation like feeling. This literally the only verse I tried to really rap on all summer”.

“Life repeats itself…” is an interesting take on the song as well. Listen to it yourself and decide what message you retain.

Track #8: “Slime” (produced by Nova Blu)

BHC 'slime' 

As soon as I heard the beat by Nova, I thought “Trippie Redd” could really f*ck this beat up. However, no Trippie Redd necessary, as the squad teams up on probably the chillest track on the album.


Rob – BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM.. Ima lil messy bitch oh my god slime tape coming soon y’all not ready for this one”.

Then on the other hand…

Brian Beavers – “I deadass thought this song was a joke the first time I heard it. You ever seen someone just like say fuck it and just go with the very first thought in their mind and just keep building on it, then 2 more people come & do the same thing? It’s bad but I’ve been saying “I’m a little messy bih, I’m a lil sexi bih” ever since”.

Thirteen13 also seems to side more with Brian, but has a little announcement to make as well…

Thirteen13 – I am so surprised people like this song. This came about during the tail end me recording 30 songs in one night. I don’t have much to say about this song I feel like it’s extremely true to self. The only word I can really use to describe it is slimy. We have a whole mixtape done that is stylistically similar to this song, shoutout slime team coming sooner than you think!”


Track #9: “Gling” (produced by Nova Blu)BHC 'gling'

One of our favorite cover arts might make you want to chuckle at first, but take a good listen to this track, and it just all makes sense. Xoey 101 and Lil Emo Boy team up to destroy this Nova Blu beat in a way only they can.

Brian Beavers – This is the best song that’s ever come out of BHC because it’s the most focused Xoey 101 & LilEmoBoy2005 have ever been at once. There are so many quotables. It’d be a disservice to pick just one. Thirteen added a little vocal break near the end (“ A lot of niggas slime now, huh? You only get one chance to really shine on these niggas”) that makes this shit even more menacing than it already was, fuck I love this song”.

Us too Brian. Shoutout Xoey and Lil Emo Boy. This track is straight fire. No cap.

Hajile – Nova blu really was in his bag with this beat and Xoey 101 and Lil Emo do not disappoint. And the song is so reflective of their combined energy. It’s simply the perfect duo for the instrumental”.

Rob – This one is for the people – also, Xoey’s verse on this song is arguably the best on the whole album in my opinion. I also like the song because I feel like it reflects the chaos that Lil Emo and Xoey create together”.

Finally, Thirteen13 reflects on the immediate addition of the track, but also a little insight into the talent of Emo Boy…

Thirteeen13 – This was probably the earliest recorded song we finished it before our first June show. I literally just played the beat and both Zo and Matteus started chanting the hook. To which I immediately had them record the hook and start writing verses. This song that came about effortlessly and perfectly exemplifies hanging out with Xoey and Lil Emo. It really highlights their relationship in a beautiful way. Will the world ever get to hear Emo 101??? *shrug Emoji*”.

If you’re a BHC fan like myself, then you’re also wondering, “Where is Emo 101?”. If it’s anything like this, then go ahead and drop that young man. We’re ready for more Emo Boy!


Track #10: “Jealousy” (produced by Nova Blu)BHC 'jealousy'

As the album starts to wrap up, this track comes seemingly out of nowhere. Nova Blu’s last produced track on the album is much different than the others, especially the three tracks prior to this one. With the addition of WIFEY’s vocals, it turns the emotion of the album up on its end and presents a more somber message about (appropriately named) jealousy.

Thirteen13 – This was originally supposed to be on ‘Breadboys’ but it felt out of place. This is the only blatantly sad song that made the cut. The WIFEY’s verse is raw and unconventional in the best way. Rob’s last voice and delivery is my favorite”.

Hajile – I wanted this beat so bad but I don’t feel too bad because Rob and WIFEY definitely do it justice”.

The interesting part though is the way Rob contradicts himself over the track, and the way Brian responds…

Rob Apollo – I don’t like this song that much because I feel like I didn’t expand out of my comfort zone as much as I should have. However, WIFEY’s verse on the song, with its poetic delivery, builds good contrast with my vocals. Overall, it’s a pretty good track, but it’s a space as an artist I’m trying to get out of”.

Brian takes a much different approach on the sad track, reacting to Rob’s opinion by stating, “…that’s crazy because I was gonna say this is like the epitome of a Rob Apollo song. He talked about some stuff I’ve never heard him talk about before, & I like his last verse, it blends w/ the beat so well & it’s very heartfelt without trying too hard. It’s a good formula, & a good WIFEY verse, it’s like opening up a bottle that’s labeled “you’ll be sad if you hear this” but somebody shook it so it just all hit you at once”.

Chin up Rob, you can always do another version of the song. Even if you didn’t like it we did. The song in itself would be good, but the way it breaks up the album is uncanny and helps add to the uniqueness of the album as a whole.

Track #11: “Stardust” (produced by Paris, from Tokyo)BHC 'stardust'.PNG

Sad but true, the only track produced by Paris, from Tokyo is wavy, to say the least. Paris has been one of the most versatile and creative artists in the eyes of Michigan Raps Daily, and we can only hope he continues to bring his art at the same intensity for as long as possible. Co-Founders of Bleeding Hearts Rob Apollo and Kaio Thirteen13 team up to take on one another one of our favorite tracks from the project. On top of all that, it segways into the final track of the album BEAUTIFULLY.

We start the commentary on this track with high praise from fellow members, Hajile and Brian…

Hajile – This song also has possibly one of my favorite Thirteen13 verses. And the Paris beat is phenomenal. Also, this is just yet another excellent display of the incredible chemistry Rob and Thirteen13 have and I think that’s an aiding factor in why the song turned out so good”.

Brian Beavers – Paris, From Tokyo made this beat, he’s really good at that & every other part of music. There’s a big ying-yang vibe I get from Thirteen & Rob on this song. Thirteen’s verse sounds like a fucked up finish line perspective of an acceptance of everything that’s come, while Rob’s is a very in the moment emotional reaction to current happenings. They bounce off each other very well, this is a really well-crafted song”.

Then Rob and Kaio chime in on their thoughts of the “ying-yang” track…

Rob – This Paris beat is so beautiful man. Thirteen13 was playing the song out on the speakers one day in early summer and I just asked to get on it. I wrote my verse on probably the darkest day of my whole summer, where I had some sad realizations about myself. The verse speaks for itself. Thirteen13’s verse is excellent, and I feel like the interplay between his almost melancholy portrayal of harsher emotions vs. my angrier approach is representative of how we deal with things in real life”.

Thirteen13 seems to take a much deeper approach to the vision of the song.

Thirteen13 – This song took forever to finish mostly due to me procrastinating. Paris sent me the beat back in April and I immediately gravitated towards its atmosphere. It feels like a cowboy in the final scene of a western reflecting on all the violence that has transpired. Somewhat remorseful but ultimately understanding of how essential it was for the present. I wrote thirty different verses to this beat and ended up using them on other random songs. Something about the drums makes it extremely easy to write to. Rob came thru with one of his most personable well-crafted verses of the summer. Beautiful boys coming soon!

The track just seems to have a sound and flow that is addicting to listen to over and over again… and YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! BEAUTIFUL BOYS COMING SOOOOOOON!

Track #12: “Bubble Tea” (produced by Xay the Feminist)BHC 'Bubble tea'.JPG

Produced by Xay, the final track of the album is a perfect sendoff. From the piano intro to the very end, this track just completes the project. Well done Bleeding Hearts. For the final track, I will just leave you with the commentary from the members involved.

Thirteen13 – This is probably my favorite song on the album. The chords are immaculate they remind me of the beginning of slide by Calvin Harris. Rob delivers my favorite Rob verse ever, and I’ve literally heard every Rob verse. It highlights his strongest writing strengths. it’s personable and approaches something playful in serious tone. It feels so consequential while simultaneously being weightless. It’s reminiscent in a way that feels so real, like he’s really looking back on summers of experience. Hopefully this tone and direction will be further explored in future music. The melody of the hook is amazing but I’m not a fan of how it is layered. I wanted to layer his voice more but due to technical complications it just wasn’t possible. The texture Xay’s verse is amazing it’s really something he excels at on this project. He speaks on a relatable experience in a way that is so reflective of Xay as a person and the magic printed duffy bag line is amazing. Overall I think it is the Perfect outro for this project”.

Hajile de Rellim – “Rob’s hook on the original version was not bad at all but he wasn’t rocking with it and hearing the chords and knowing I could easily sing over it and related to the song anyways, I was just like let me do the hook and I wrote and recorded it. It was like 4 in the morning too. We were all like exhausted and about to leave and Rob was like you can record it but if its bad I don’t want it. And I was like this shit gon be something. And in the song, you can hear me singing the hook in a higher octave but it’s in the background. The reason it’s on the background is that it was way too powerful a contrast. Also, I sang it so poorly but when it’s in the background you can’t tell so we kept it that way. In my opinion, everything about that hook was just fate”.

Rob Apollo – This is the only song that was recorded at my house instead of Kaio’s. It originally had me singing a hook instead of Hajile, but it didn’t turn out well sonically and tonally. Hajile heard the track, saw we needed a new chorus, and wrote the shit in like 5 fucking minutes. Overall, definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. Fuck bubble tea though, for real. That shit is fucking gross”.

Brian Beavers – Ending the album is a really tough task, & Xay had a great beat on deck to do it. Hajile’s hook is maybe the best I’ve heard from him. This is actually like a mirror to boyfriend to me, because it’s more of an ending to summer than a dive into it. A lot of reflections on relations. Rob’s verse was very clean, and his mini hook, “What’s done is done, I’m on the run” captures the general vibe of the song well. A lot of shit happens, but we keep it moving. The bad times can catch up to you, but the past can’t hurt you”.



The album is one that from the very beginning I knew would be unique. For months now I’ve played music by all of these various artists and I’ve grown to love their sounds. However, bringing all of the producers, lyricists, and visual artists together to make ONE album is something very difficult. However, Bleeding Hearts made it look effortless, and for that, we absolutely loved the album. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

*Final thoughts from some of the members*

Thirteen13 – Overall while this project is not what I had envisioned when the summer started. It is a strong start to the BHC group discography and show glimmers of what’s to come in the future. The experience of making Bleeding Hearts Club was grueling and plagued by a taxing and emotional summer. But in the end the final product is true to form, It was my idea to make this album our self titled album which was initially met with a lot of hesitation. But every other title felt forced, like we were trying to attach a theme to the body of music that didn’t actually exist. There is not theme no gimmick, no facade, it’s just us,  Bleeding Hearts Club”.

Xay the Feminist/Xay the Family Man – “I like how the album doesn’t have a very definitive sound, like it’s not super all over the place but it gives a taste of the full spectrum of BHC, Also I really like the Intimacy of the album I feel like It would’ve been super easy for us to put out just a bunch of songs but us rapping we’ll but there are songs like isolation or stardust where we delve more into the dark emotions and I think that’s cool we could do that as a group. My favorite songs are for sure gling and bubble tea, I’m probably biased for bubble tea because I produced it but I’m genuinely super pleased with the end result”.

Hajile – I think the album is an incredible compilation of the energy within BHC. As a late edition I only was able to see the tail end of the process but being able to jump in and contribute to the style, theme, and energy was absolutely fantastic for me. My favorite song I think is Tekken. But the whole album is a close tie in honesty. Even Molly. Like I had my doubts before it came out, but I remember listening to the final version at work and just thinking like this is actually really fucking good. And it made me very happy to be a part of BHC and be a part of the unbreakable bond we have. This album is a good reminder that we truly are family because regardless of all the hardships we went through this summer, we came out together and on top and we love each other because of it and are closer because of it. This is gonna be one of my favorite albums for sure”.

Rob – Overall, I am proud of the album. I think it’s not as focused sonically as it could have been, but BHC has a wide array of sounds, so it’d almost be impossible to take one singular sound and run with it. My favorite song is definitely SLIME, it’s just so beautiful. I wish we named the album something else, but we got into a huge argument about the title, and couldn’t settle on anything. Shout out Nick (@sereneharvest) and Jon (@JonathonDowning) for the amazing album art. BHC forever, bih”.

Brian – I was really scared this album would suck but the finished project is a very strong piece on its own. We make a lot of hype, energetic music so it’s more serious than I thought it would be, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The summer this album was made was very eventful, but hopefully, everyone was able to grow from it personally & musically, and the next one can be an even better representation of BHC, but probably named something better. Shout out all of BHC, everyone couldn’t be on the album, but everyone made the album”.


BHC squad.jpg